Just When You Thought I Couldn’t Learn Anymore Words From Books…

You will have probably, by now, have spotted my semi regular words posts. Where I scribble down words I don’t understand and then type them up, do a bit of Googling to bring all you lovely blog readers their meanings. Here’s 30 more words I’ve recently learnt and, as usual, tell me how many out of 30 you knew. I’m thinking I should start keeping a leaders board or something.

  1. Iridescent – luminous colours
  2. Acerbic – Sharp and forthright
  3. Tinctures – Medicine made by dissolving a drug
  4. Ampule – small, sealed glass capsule
  5. Amethyst – A very pretty pink gem stone.
  6. Cloisters – A covered walk in a convent, cathedral or monestry
  7. Brusquely – Abrupt in speech
  8. Calcifying – harden by decomposition
  9. Siphoning – Draw off a liquid using a siphon. Weirdly I think we’ve had this one before.
  10. Sibilant – making or characterised by a hissing sound, like a whistle
  11. Susurrant – soft whistling or ruffling sound in old English. I wasn’t aware I’d read any old English books but apparently I’ve read many as the word made the list twice.
  12. Porous – little gaps in rocks for air or water
  13. Buttresses – stone or brick built to strengthen a wall
  14. Honorific – Given as a mark of respect but having no actual duties. My university had a cat as it’s president, I think that may have been honorific.
  15. Akimbo – hands on the hips and elbows turned outward. It’s that scowling pose teachers take when your five and didn’t eat your carrot sticks.
  16. Acina – a berry family to which the blackberry belongs. And I don’t mean the phone.
  17. Stalwart – loyal, reliable and hardworking. Well that’s going straight on my CV, bringing down the word count there.
  18. Orator – a skilled public speaker
  19. Derisive – express content or ridicule
  20. Apex – top or highest part of something especially when forming a point like a roof.
  21. Sellsword – mercenary hired to highest bidder.
  22. Assent – expressing approval.
  23. Penchant – a tendancy to do something
  24. Visceras – internals chest organs. I may have got this one from Stalking Jack the Ripper.
  25. Staccato – a music thing where each note is performed far away from the last.
  26. Belied – fail to give a true impression
  27. Taper – gradually lessen the thickness. Like a snake with a pointy tail 🐍
  28. Portent – a warning that a terrible event will occur
  29. Ire – anger but shorter in letters.
  30. Kohl – a black powder used for eye makeup.

30 More Words I Learnt from Books

Another Blogtober post and another list. How many of the words that learnt from books lately do you know? Leave a score in the comments section!

  1. Macabre – Causing a fear of death. Fairly sure I’ve used this in reviews a couple of times.
  2. Cur – An aggressive dog
  3. Echelon – a rank in an organisation
  4. Virulent – A really harmful disease
  5. Taran – A Gaelic name
  6. Rigidly – A strict or exact way
  7. Triolet – An eight line poem, I also think it means scooter in French
  8. Fuselage – Main body of an aircraft
  9. Squally – weather containing a lot of violent gusts of winds, called squalls
  10. Contemptuous – Showing scorn
  11. Insatiable – Impossible to satisfy
  12. Chagrin – Distress at being humiliated
  13. Siccing – Apparently it’s the past tense of being sick 🤷
  14. Transom – A flat surface that’s part of a boat. I thought it was when you commit treason by ransoming something but alas.
  15. Pliant – Easily bent
  16. Proctor – A disciplinary person at US universities.
  17. Balsam – An aromatic residue, often from trees
  18. Capricious – Sudden unaccountable mood swings
  19. Imbue – Inspire
  20. Deigned – Doing something you consider beneath you
  21. Ermine – a stout, which is meerkat type animal, with a white winter coat (of the natural kind)
  22. Sconces – a candle holder attached to a wall with a bracket
  23. Cadence – an inflection of the voice. I think we’ve had this one before on these lists 🤔
  24. Sibilant – A hissing noise
  25. Preened – Birds cleaning their feathers. What a really specific word.
  26. Cloying – Disgust someone by being too kind and sweet
  27. Rictus – A fixed grimace
  28. Acquiescence – Accept something without protest. Those of you who’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean will recognise this one.
  29. Eschewed – Deliberately avoid
  30. Basilica – A large hall. And here I was thinking it was the thing in the Chambers of Secrets.

30 More Words I Learnt from Books

Time for another exciting words post! Here are 30 words I’ve read recently and not understood, with their accompanying meanings. How many, out of 30, had you known?

  1. Occultist – Someone who believes in magic. Given I mostly read fantasy I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to come across this word.
  2. Pejorative – Expression of disapproval
  3. Insular – Uninterested in other people’s ideas or culture
  4. Circumambulation – Moving around sacred objects
  5. Bulwarks – A defensive wall
  6. Idolatrous – Practising idol worship
  7. Decoction – Boiling a plant to dissolve the chemicals inside it. We did this at school with strawberries to extract their DNA and the smell was amazing.
  8. Urbane – A person, especially a man, with a courteous or refined manor.
  9. Consign – Deliver something to someone.
  10. Paragon – A model of excellence.
  11. Girded – Encircle a body part with a thing like a belt.
  12. Slattern – An untidy woman, and possibly a Pokémon given the amount of images Bing brought up….
  13. Cuckolding – The husband of an adulterating wife. You will get another definition from Urban dictionary, read at your own peril…
  14. Troubadour – A man who composed and performed Occitan lyric poetry in the Middle Ages.
  15. Desultory – Not having a plan, purpose or enthusiasm. I think we can all relate at some point to this.
  16. Recalcitrant – Having an uncooperative attitude towards authority, basically every teenager.
  17. Charlatanry – A person falsely claiming to have a special skill or knowledge.
  18. Alembic – Distilling apparatus that’s not a thing anymore.
  19. Egregiously – Something shocking.
  20. Irresolute – showing uncertainty. I’m irresolute about Blogtober.
  21. Slipshod – Lack of care, thought or organisation. Definitely me on the organisation front.
  22. Amphisbaena – Mythological ant eating serpent with a head at each end. Huh who knew.
  23. Reft – Past tense of raeve which means to carry out a raid.
  24. Flotsam – A shipwreck
  25. Profligate – The wasteful use of resources, sums up our planet pretty well.
  26. Samovar – A pretty Russian tea urn.
  27. Missish – Squeamish, even WordPress doesn’t think this was a word
  28. Askance – Another word for Pejorative!
  29. Tourney – A tournament, often a medieval joust.
  30. Zhurek – A fermented cereal soup.

30 Words I Learnt From Books

Those following this blog for the best part of this year may know that I have a very limited vocabulary. I know, not what you want to read from a blogger. But hey, we’re all here to improve so here are 30 words I’ve recently read in books and just not understood, with complimentary meanings!

Please comment your score, out of 30, so I can see how many words you all knew too! And we can all revel in the learning!

  1. Blini- A Russian pancake that looks so good on Bing images.
  2. Abmonition- A fierce warning
  3. Blouson- Basically a blouse but in jacket form. Imaginative naming there.
  4. Cadence- an inflection of the voice
  5. Modicum- a small bit of something valuable.
  6. Pique- Stiff fabric. Basically anything after I’ve washed it.
  7. Eviscerated- Disembowelled. Funny story, I wrote down this word twice so there was clearly a lot of fancy named disembowelling in this book.
  8. Thresher- A person who separates grain from crops. Not to be confused with Fresher, who occasionally attends lectures.
  9. Boon- A helpful thing
  10. Incongruous- Something out of place in it’s surroundings. Basically me in a club.
  11. Capricious- A sudden change of mood.
  12. Insurrection- A violent uprising against government. How has it taken me this long to find this word in a YA novel?!
  13. Stein- A nice big beer mug. I actually think I knew that…
  14. Mired- Stuck in mud or a splatter of mud.
  15. Expediently- Convenient but often immoral.
  16. Tatterdemalion- This is just a really long word for tattered?! Who invented this thing??
  17. Discordant- Disagree
  18. Suture- A stitch. No surprise I didn’t know that one then.
  19. Livery- A type soldier’s uniform.
  20. Bowyer- A person who sells bows.
  21. Philanderer- A man who often enters into casual sexual relations.
  22. Wherewithal- Something, like money, needed for a specific purpose.
  23. Anachronistic- Something from another time. Like seeing a mobile phone in a period drama, I’ve been reliably informed.
  24. Imbibed- Drinking too much.
  25. Incorrigible- A person not reforming their behaviour.
  26. Proclivities- And inclination towards a certain thing.
  27. Gargantuan- A very long word for a big appetite.
  28. Balusters- A short decorative pillar.
  29. Accoutrements- An extra piece of clothing
  30. Finial- a nice pointy thing on some roofs

30 Words You Didn’t Know you Knew

Some of you veteran readers may remember that I did a post a while back containing 30 words I’d learnt from books. And now I’ve read more books, found more words, and I’m challenging you all again: how many of these 30 new words do you know? Scores in the comments section please!

  1. Chelicerae – Spider pincers… Grim
  2. Sphincter – muscles that guard the stomach or the um… anus…
  3. Panache – a confident manor. Think Jace Wayland.
  4. Palpable – a feeling so intense it’s almost physical
  5. Denuding – strip of coverings or possessions.
  6. Portended – warning of a big event likely to happen ⚠️
  7. Inured – accustom to something unpleasant. Those with siblings will understand 😝
  8. Mullioned – a vertical element that divides windows. I never said these words would be useful
  9. Diaphanous – light, delicate fabric
  10. Chimerical – a mythical animal formed of parts of other animals, like a hypogriff.
  11. Surfeit – a large amount something, the amount of food I’ll eat when it’s free
  12. Maraud – searching for things to steal or attack, and everyone’s favourite map of Hogwarts!
  13. Caroming – strike and rebound. Can you tell I mostly read fantasy?
  14. Amphion – a musician who builds the walls of Thebes in Greek Mythology with his lyre. What a talented guy.
  15. Euphoria – a feeling of intense excitement, like I get everytime I see a Bookshop.
  16. Siphoned – drawing water to flow a certain way.
  17. Countervail – counter something with an equal force. ⚖️
  18. Cadence – an inflection of the voice 🎶
  19. Poignancy – invoking sadness or regret, that feeling you get when you eat too many Easter eggs
  20. Incongruous – not keeping with the surroundings
  21. Cerulean – deep sky blue 🌁
  22. Evanesce – pass out of memory
  23. Allay – put fear or suspicion at rest
  24. Poltroon – an utter coward. Aka me.
  25. Stupefaction – the state of being stupefied. If you don’t know what that means it’s explained visually in the first Harry Potter film.
  26. Samovar – a highly decorated tea urn used in Russia. Not quite sure which book this came from🤔
  27. Opulent – pretentiously costly, like Dominoes pizza
  28. Esoteric – something intended for a small group of people with specialist knowledge. Had a few university classes that match that definition…
  29. Coquetry – flirtatious behaviour
  30. Lacquer – an alcohol based liquid that makes a great varnish