Mid Blogtober Wrap Up

Greetings from France! My friends and I are currently enjoying the wintery blasts of an autumn holiday. Or so I thought we’d be, we’re actually in shorts and t shirts and sweating everywhere.

I’m halfway through the ridiculous challenge of posting every day in October and honestly I’m so proud I managed to get this far! I’ve not done a mid month wrap up before so it’s going to be a slightly different format to before; more like a few comments on what’s going well, what’s going badly and how I’m finding Blogtober. And, of course, there’s a bit about what’s coming up!

Best post so far: Character Traits I Love

I’m pleased this post has done best because not only was it really fun to write but the Top Ten Tuesday topic was my suggestion!

Favourite Post to Write: Why no Post on Sunday

Not only did I get to recall a fabulous Harry Potter scene in the introduction but I really enjoyed swapping notes with the commenters on this post and discussing why I think it’s important to have a break from blogging once a week.

Most Difficult post: Gilmore Girls Challenge Update

I felt sort of bad that I hadn’t posted this update sooner, given the last one was sixth months ago, and that I hadn’t read many of the books on the list. Hopefully my next update will be slightly more timely!

What I’ve Learnt so Far:

I love schedules. It’s not a surprise, I’ve always loved schedules, from revision timetables to the minute amount of scheduling I do with meetings in my work calendar. Scheduling is one of my favourite things and I’m very much enjoying having a list of posts I can just stick to every day.

My followers are Lovely. I didn’t expect my posts to get the amount of love they have! I thought they’d be largely ignored because there are so many of them, I really appreciate you all sticking with me!

It’s less work than I thought. Ok, I prelude this statement with the first half of Blogtober has been largely publishing pre written posts, polishing off the odd sentence but nothing much more and so far it’s been a bit of breeze. Or at least, more of a breeze than I expected. I suspect the later half of the month will be more tricky since some of posts are currently just bullet points.

I’m sort of on top of Bookstagram?! I expected Bookstagram to be the biggest challenge, since I struggle to find time to photo when the days get short and the light gets bad. But I took a lot of photos beforehand and it’s weirdly working! I seem pretty on top and I liked planning my feed as I took photos for each of the upcoming posts.

What’s been Challenging:

Blog hopping. I find I spend so long replying to comments, which I love doing, and keeping up on my social medias that I have less time to visit other people’s blogs and comment on my favourite posts.

Organisation. This has never been my strong suit and I struggle with getting posts written in time, I think this will prove more challenging in the next two weeks as I have less posts written in advance.

Blogging everyday. This sounds daft because it’s literally the challenge, and I have Sundays to switch off, which I like, but I feel much more glued to my phone than before which I’m less of a fan of.

Has anything gone wrong?

One thing. One tiny little thing, which you’ll be seeing the impact of this week. I’m meant to be publishing a review for Finale this week but uploaded the wrong book photo onto my phone before going on holiday. So you’re all being treated to a deviation from the schedule (😭) since I’ll have to swap the Red Queen and Finale reviews around.

Has it been Worth it:

Obviously I haven’t finished half of Blogtober yet, and I’m yet to meet the challenging part but so far yes. I’ve met a lot of new bloggers and I’ve enjoyed clearing out my drafts folder! It always felt to large! As an extra bonus my stats are doing really well and I’ve nearly surpassed last month’s stats in just two weeks!

Favourite Post Coming Up: Is Immaturity Shown Enough Through YA

I’ve had a lot of excitement about this post on my schedule and it’s one I really enjoyed drafting! I’m excited to hear all your opinions as well and swap notes.

Most Difficult Post Coming Up: My favourite Birthdays

I always want to put more personal posts in my blog since I think they’ll be exciting to look back on. But I’m terrified about publishing them. I wanted to include one non bookish post for Blogtober and thought this would be an appropriate topic, given my birthday is in October. I just hope it works out.

Do we think I can complete it?!

I’d say yes! But the second half of Blogtober is going to much harder, since I’ve a lot less post written for it.

Let’s Compare Notes

To check out what’s coming up on my blog check out the schedule posted at the beginning of the month! Let me know if you’re doing the challenge, I’d love to support your blog 😁


With an overflowing drafts folder, slightly lazy posting schedule and half a dozen reviews I need to get out by the end of the year, to count towards my Goodreads goal, I’ve devised a crazy plan. To blog everyday. Yep, to post something everyday for a whole month as part of a blogging wide event called Blogtober.

Here’s a short schedule of what you can expect to appear on my blog this month, partly to help me plan it, mostly for accountability and a little bit for you guys to get hyped!

Tuesday 1stTop Ten Tuesday: Summer TBR The Results

Wednesday 2nd – Blogtober Schedule

Thursday 3rdSeptember Wrap Up

Friday 4th – 30 Words: 30 Words I Learnt from Books

Saturday 5th – Discussion Post: Why no Post on Sunday?

Sunday 6th – No Post

Monday 7th – Tag: On this Day

Tuesday 8thTop Ten Tuesday: Character Traits All Protagonists Should Have

Wednesday 9th Summer Book Haul 1

Thursday 10thGilmore Girls Challenge: Update

Friday 11th – Review: The Raven Boys

Saturday 12th – 30 Words: 30 More Words I Learnt from Books

Sunday 13th – No Post

Monday 14th – Wrap Up: Halfway Through Blogtober

Tuesday 15th – Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Book Titles that Deserve an Oscar. Or the Book Title Equivalent

Wednesday 16th – Review: Finale

Thursday 17th – Discussion Post: Why I wouldn’t Want Blogging as a Career

Friday 18th – Summer Book Haul 2

Saturday 19th – Review: A Curse so Dark and Lonely

Sunday 20th – No Post

Monday 21st – Non Bookish Post: Just a Handful of My Favourite Birthdays

Tuesday 22nd – Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I Would Rename

Wednesday 23rd – Discussion Post: Is Bigger Always Better?

Thursday 24th – Review: Vox

Friday 25th – 30 Words: Yet Another 30 Words I Learnt from Books

Saturday 26th – Review: When Dimple Met Rishi

Sunday 27th – No Post

Monday 28th – Review: Red Queen

Tuesday 29th – Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books that Weren’t Horror yet Still Freaked me Out

Wednesday 30th – Discussion Post: Is the Immaturity of Youth Shown Enough in YA

Thursday 31st – Wrap Up: October Wrap Up