February Wrap Up

Hello bookworms! And normal worms. And non worms. Sorry, I’ll stop talking about worms now. As you know the bizarrely warm month of February has just ended, ridiculously early because it’s a tiny month. Like seriously I nearly forgot to pay my rent, it was so short. But the end of the month means another wrap up! Here’s how I spent the month, in books, on the blog and offline (😱)

What I Read

📚 Daughter of Smoke and Bone – this novel was just amazing. Easily my favourite read of the month.

📚 Alex and Eliza – in contrast this novel was terrible. Possibly my lowest star rating on the blog, ever.

📚 Huckleberry Finn – my classic of the month, prepare for all my opinions in my upcoming review!

What I Wrote

🖋️ Gilmore Girls Challenge Episode One – since research for this post involved watching TV it was of course fun to write

🖋️ 10 Adorable Fictional Couples – it’s always fun to gush about my favourite ships.

🖋️ Sunshine Blogger’s Award – this was so fun to write! I really enjoyed answering all the wacky questions.

🖋️ 10 Upcoming Releases I’m On The Fence About – is it controversial that Priory made this list? Upcoming releases I don’t know if I’ll read or not 😬

What I Read Online

💻 Is it Fair to Judge Old Books Based on Todays Standard’s – such an interesting post! And something I’ve often wondered about and discussed with my boyfriend.

💻 The Classic Club List Adjustments – someone else who’s attempting to read more Classics! Was great checking out this list and discussing some Jane Austen!

💻 Greek Gods Book Tag – I got tagged in this Greek Gods book tag which is excellent since I was a massive PJO fan as a kid!

💻 The Sunshine Blogger Award – I was very honoured that someone answered my bizarre questions!

What I Did

⛳ Mini Golf– but London style. The balls were electric, the pizzas had a sourdough base, a man in a red jacket stood nearby to bring us drinks and the holes included a half pipe, a general knowledge quiz where your ball answers for you and a game of beer pong but with golf thrown in there.

🎭 Hamilton– I saw this sensational musical with my friends and it was excellent 😍

☃️ Snowball Fight– my friends from school visited and we had a very fun snowball fight on my local marsh. Because I live in the country now and we have a local marsh.

☕ Cream tea– some friends from university visited and we curled up in front of the fire and enjoyed a cream tea at a local café