Characters who would have Driven my Boarding Mistress Mad

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about characters we’d be friends with. Which got me thinking about friends. Which got me thinking about school. Which got me totally off topic and, long story short, here we are.

I went to all girls Catholic boarding school. This included the joys of form prayers after lunch, many masses and warm croissants every morning, the messy haired bad boys that made up teenage YA being how I envisioned the entire male population. Teenage me was the definition of sheltered.

But how would some of our favourite fictional characters do being couped up there… Here’s a list of 10 fictional females that would have caused a pretty big stir at all girls school. And I’d have wanted to befriend all of them.


The Raven Boys

1 I can just imagine the boarding mistress having a great time insisting Blue take the bottle tops of her pleated school-issued tartan skirt every morning.


The Exact Opposite of Okay

2 Funny, feminist and full of sass, snarky Izzy would have been brilliant in my school. And she’d ask some fabulously awkward questions in our Catholic led sex ed lessons.


To Kill a Kingdom

3 I’m pretty sure stealing hearts would be frowned upon. And she may have to be banned from singing at mass because of the whole siren thing… Don’t want any deadly renditions of Amazing Grace or anything.


A Curse so Dark and Lonely

4 She can impersonate queen, weild a crowbar and throw daggers but can she iron the pleats into her skirt?


Percy Jackson

5 Can you imagine Thalia’s dry wit, quick humour and insistence she carries her bow to lessons? At least they can trust her not to sneak any men into the dorms being a hunter of Artemis and all.


Into the Crooked Places

6 I’m currently reading the arc I won of Alexandra Christo’s upcoming release and absoloutely love Tavia. She’s all burnt magic and morals in the gritty streets she’s forced to live in. While her hearts in the right place it’s possible my teachers wouldn’t enjoy her snark. Or tendency for the illegal.


Rebel of the Sands

7 Not only is she great with those twin swords but will most definitely help you overthrow any malicous sultans. I just don’t see her sitting still during prep though…



8 Wild, unruly and full of fight Tella would be such a laugh in class and definitely be best dressed at summer mass.

Lila Bard

A Darker Shade of Magic

9 The boarding mistress would most definitely have her hands full with Lila, her knife game is on point. Pun fully intended.


Strange the Dreamer

X We weren’t allowed out after six but nobody said we couldn’t throw up moths and unleash them on the city after six…

So there you have it! Ten characters I think would have been great at all girls Catholic boarding school. Any you’d like to add to the list? Have a list of your own, that might actually be on topic? Chuck it in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you.

Also, for accountability, stay tuned tomorrow because I will be posting my review of The Handmaid’s Tale Audiobook and a rundown of my YALC book haul on Friday.