October Wrap Up

Not just is October over but Blogtober is also over! Which means I can finally stop posting daily. Although I did get through many of my drafts I still have 65 waiting to be published (I know, I may actually have a problem…), so I don’t think this will be the last mass posting before the year is out. As we enter a new month and I take on a new challenge (NaNoWriMo, what am I doing) let’s have a look back at the month that’s just been.

Things I Read

πŸ“š A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – although I did enjoy the novel I found the plot a tad unrealistic and that kept taking me out of the story.

πŸ“š The Dream Thieves – as much as I love the plot, writing style and pacing this novel always feels more like a spin off or a standalone, since it doesn’t progress the Glendower quest at all.

πŸ“š Blue Lily Lily Blue – continuing on The Raven Boys theme I finished the third in the series! Can I finish the fourth before November 5th?!

πŸ“š Stalking Jack the Ripper – It was creepy and stomach turning yet still brilliant.

Things I Said

🍊 Red Queen – Why I didn’t enjoy this clichΓ© dystopian and how it upset my little feminist heart.

🍊 10 Terrible Titles I’ve Kindly Rewritten – This post was so much fun to write. Just describing why each titles needed a rewrite was brilliant.

🍊 Immaturity of Youth in YA – I wrote about the perception of teenagers and young adults in YA and whether they are growing up too fast.

🍊 National Day Tag – This unusual tag was so much fun to do!

Things I Read

We made a Blogtober support group so here and my favourite posts from my blogtober pals.

πŸŽƒ Five Star Reads in FiveΒ Words – This post is such a good idea! All reads should be summed up in 5 words. I haven’t read any of the books but a lot were on my radar and the five words actually helped me decide if I’d read them!

πŸŽƒ Apps I Use to Track My Reading – I never thought about tracking my reading through an app, although I do vaguely use Goodreads… sometimes. Anyway here’s a detailed list of apps Naomi has used with many pretty pictures!

πŸŽƒ Autumn Book Tag – Not only does Northern Plunder manage to keep a horror theme all Blogtober but all her posts felt super relevant to the season! This one included! I loved the pretty autumnal pictures and I would defo got to a Halloween party as Karou too.

πŸŽƒ Things I don’t Like about Fall – A controversial post full of pumpkin spice and pretty fall leaves.

Things I Did

πŸ‘» Go to France – my friends and I brought way too many jumpers only to strip down to shorts and t shirts and cycle around the South of France for a few days

πŸ‘» Castley Birthday – it was my birthday! So yes, castles were involved. My boyfriend and I went on a rambly castles autumnal walk.

πŸ‘» Escape Room – For my friends stag we all wore a cardboard cut out of his face and got stuck in an escape room. We managed to escape with just four minutes to spare! Mostly because someone took a punt and jammed a random button on the bomb.

πŸ‘» Board Game CafΓ© – My friends and I met up in London after work for board games and pizza, while they all admired my new wheels- a push scooter.

What’s coming Up

New segment! I found a schedule really helpful during Blogtober so I’m going to try writing them for the month ahead.

November 5 – Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Give Off Autumn Vibes

November 7- Review: The Dream Thieves Review

November 12 – Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things That Really Aren’t Bookmarks but I’ve Used as Such

November 15 – Bookish Discussion: What I Learnt Posting Everyday for a Month

November 19 – Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I Read Because of Blogging

November 22 – Review: Blue Lily, Lily Blue

November 26 – Top Ten Tuesday: 10Β Books Friends Have Recommended Me

November 28 –