Review: Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

“I thought of Shazard. My sister in arms. We had recognised something in each other the first time we met and we were tied. By more than blood.” – Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton


Amani finds herself captured and sold to the Sultan she is rebelling against for her Djinni powers. Trapped behind enemy ranks, Ahmed is presented with the perfect spy for discovering why the Sultan is collecting Demdji, providing she can keep her motives hidden and her temper in check. With little help from her fellow rebels, Amani undertakes the most dangerous mission yet: convincing the Sultan she’s loyal. While uncovering the truth behind the Sultan’s plot and staying alive in the palace, Amani soon learns just how much her rebellion has underestimated their tyrannous ruler.


In case you read Rebel of the Sands donkeys years ago and have no idea who’s rebelling against which sand, I’ll fill you in. Amani is our gun slinging protagonist who lives in the mythical dessert country of Miraji. Miraji is overrun with magic fearing invaders and poverty, thanks to it’s tyrannical Sultan. Amani makes a bid for freedom with shockingly handsome love interest Jin, heading to the countries capital in the hope of a new life.

She doesn’t get very far before she discovers she’s everything her country hates: a Demdji, the daughter of a magical being. With some persuasion from Jin and a little hatred for her Sultan, she joins the Sultan’s rebellious son to try and free her country. The book ends with Amani unleashing her newly discovered Demdji power on the Sultan’s army and earning herself a high rank in the rebellion.


 The Writing Style- As I’ve said with Rebel of the Sands, Traitor to the Throne is insanely well written. The writing is as captivating as ever and story rolled off the page like truth to a Demdji (hehe, see what I did there?). It’s just brilliant. How Alwyn Hamilton can make most of a 500 page book about politics and meetings so entertaining I will never understand.

❤ Shazard and Amani’s Relationship– One of my favourite things in this novel was to see how close the members of the rebellion have become. Amani and Shazard’s relationship was one of my favourites, they have such a supportive and understanding friendship which is entirely mutual- unlike Tamid and Amani, where Amani was basically using him while he planned their future marriage.

❤ Sam- Sam’s backstory, cleverly depicted as a folk tale, explains how he lives of the stupidity and carelessness of the rich as he impersonates a popular legend. I loved his character and his character development, finally becoming a loyal rebellion member and even showing selfless bravery in the closing scenes of the novel.

❤ The plot twist- This book has so many hidden corners that I rarely knew where to look. I guessed a few of the things going on, but I was completely taken aback by most of the twists that happen (although I’m very gullible so you might want to judge this one for yourself).


😥 Amani and Jin- I have one gripe in this novel and that was Amani and Jin’s relationship. Jin doesn’t seem to really know Amani’s character all that well and misjudges her loyalty to Ahmed quite a lot- thinking she’d throw the rebellion away over a petty feud at one point. Amani could have really done with him in this novel and he just disappoints.


Overall, I loved this novel. It was gripping, exciting and despite being quite thick I raced through it. Although I’m not a big Jin fan he didn’t get much page time and the novel mostly focusses on Amani’s espionage attempts, which were great.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Brilliant sequel to Rebel of the Sands, very engaging and definitely doesn’t disappoint!


The Hunger Games (if you haven’t read it) is very similar to this novel, being equally well written and hosting lots of rebellion. If you’re looking for a more magical fix then I’d recommend A Darker Shade of Magic, which is also fast pace and filled with magical monarchies.


Have you read Traitor to the Throne or Rebel of the Sands? Did you find Jin annoying in either book, or is that just me?


Traitor to the Throne is a sequel.

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