How I Measure a Year

I almost missed this but this week my blog turned one! 1️⃣🎂🎉 So, how do I sum up a year? Back at school I sung a song “How do you Measure a Year in the Life” which was, like all songs you sing at school, quite a chore and not too exciting. The song found lots of bizarre ways to measure a year- I remember one idea was to use sunrises or cigarettes.

Overall my take home was I don’t have any idea how to measure a year more than the lyricist of this song, but thought I’d give it a go anyway. Here’s me measuring a year on the blog:

Posts written: 109. Wow that’s quite a lot of reviews, wrap-ups, Bookish opinions and lists.

Followers: 382. I’m very impressed with my blog on this account. I never thought it would get this many followers and I’m super grateful to all of you!

Most Viewed Post: Top Ten Books I read At Uni. Yep, apparently you guys loved reading about all my favourite reads from uni, and there were some real crackers 👌

Most Popular Month: August. I actually am a tad disappointed by this because I hoped to keep improving my engagement every month, but evidently my blog is a summer read.

My Favourite Post: Ten Female Book Characters in STEM. By faaar. I loved talking about some of my favourite characters, the ones that inspired me the most or I related to a lot. I’m going to try write a similar post this year but with books I read in 2019 and you’ll be glad to know it’s already got some characters on!

Bookish events I attended: 2? I think two, but one was YALC so definitely good fun. The other was a panel with VE Schwab, Samantha Shannon and Neil Shusterman

Biggest Blogging Acheivment: getting offered a copy of Muse of Nightmares. As a small blogger I’m super pleased to be on the tour next week!

Friends made through Blogging this year: countless. I’m in like two blogging group chats and get to chat lots in the comments sections.

Best advice received this year: not all your posts have to be reviews. My friend told me way back when I started this blog and since I have lots more interesting and regular content!

Search terms: ok, this is just a bit of fun, but here are what people have been searching this year to find my blog:

  • Bookish weird items– mmmh hope I don’t count as one of these?
  • Top platonic relationship fanfics– I feel this poor soul possibly didn’t find what they were looking for
  • Top ten female characters in books– hey! I’m super happy I show up when you search this!

So there you go! That’s my year on the blog. How old if your blog, if you have one? What was the best blogging advice you ever received? Did you go to any bookish events this year? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!