Wrap Ups

January Wrap Up

New year, new decade, first month, lots of rain. Ah back to winter. At the beginning of January I’d just come back from a three week holiday to Australia where I was visiting my older brother and mums family. Although it was an incredible trip it did ensure a frosty return to the UK, stepping… More

November Wrap Up

As we approach the festive season, blasting Wham, shopping on streets lit up with welcoming balls of yellow light, furniture crammed into odd corners to make way for decorations, shops overflowing with Christmas offers and colourful window displays, we’re saying goodbye to November. November saw my blog take a slight backseat as I rushed to… More

October Wrap Up

Not just is October over but Blogtober is also over! Which means I can finally stop posting daily. Although I did get through many of my drafts I still have 65 waiting to be published (I know, I may actually have a problem…), so I don’t think this will be the last mass posting before… More

Mid Blogtober Wrap Up

Greetings from France! My friends and I are currently enjoying the wintery blasts of an autumn holiday. Or so I thought we’d be, we’re actually in shorts and t shirts and sweating everywhere. I’m halfway through the ridiculous challenge of posting every day in October and honestly I’m so proud I managed to get this… More

September Wrap Up

September was a month spent mostly in a suitcase for me. With travelling for work three times, hello Amsterdam, Manchester and Birmingham, it’s felt very intense and a bit tiring. But all this travelling did give me ample long train journeys and quiet hotel rooms in which I managed to polish an impressive five novels!… More

July Wrap Up

We’ve seen summer, we’ve seen winter, we’ve seen thunder and lightning and record breaking heat all in one week. Yep, it’s July and apparently the most unpredictable month of the year. Heres what I did in July, would love to hear about anything you read/wrote/did this month in the comments! What I Read 🎶 The… More

June Wrap Up

It may not have slipped your notice that is now July. The month of YALC and our annual heatwave (pretty please). Here’s how I spent the first month of summer: June. What I Read 🌳 Uprooted – loved the world, loved the plot, hated the characters. Anyone else? 🌳A Curse so Dark and Lonely –… More

May Wrap Up

And there goes May. Which means it’s officially summer! And officially time for shorts, BBQs, cold drinks and picnics! Anyway here’s my May wrap up, would love to hear what you did/read/wrote in the comments section 🙂 What I Read 📚 A Conjuring of Light – started the month of a high note, finishing this… More

April Wrap Up

Ok, literally where did April go? I’m fairly sure I only realised it was April in the middle of the month 😂 anyway, another month means another wrap up! Here are my four favourites in these categories this month! Books I Read 📚 Circe – finished my first Audiobook and I would highly recommend! It… More

March Wrap Up

Did anyone else find March just disappeared? Where did it all go 😮 anyway here’s a fashionably late wrap up for the month! What I Read 📚 Things a Bright Girl Can Do – I tried to be topical and read this for International Women’s Day! 📚 Strange thr Dreamer – had a bit of… More

February Wrap Up

Hello bookworms! And normal worms. And non worms. Sorry, I’ll stop talking about worms now. As you know the bizarrely warm month of February has just ended, ridiculously early because it’s a tiny month. Like seriously I nearly forgot to pay my rent, it was so short. But the end of the month means another… More

January Wrap Up

How is the first month of 2019 over so quickly? Wasn’t it news years just yesterday?! Maybe that’s just me though… Anyway, on with the wrap up! Books I Read 📚 A Gathering of Shadows – what a cracking start to the year with a VE Schwab. 📚 Legendary – because when I unwrapped it… More

November Wrap Up

All the exciting things Ive read and done in November!

September Wrap Up

See how the wintery month of September has treated me, with a new house, a fun play and many peacocks!! Also theres some books and stuff

August Wrap Up

It’s pitched black outside, I’ve just come back from the pub wrapped in my thick warm coat, hair frizzing from a light splattering of rain, wearing my new boots from a summer sale and all this means one thing- it must be time to wrap up August, and therefore summer 😦 Although the fact I’ve… More


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