My Autumn TBR

Hello hello and welcome to this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, all about my autumnal tbr (or fall if you’re from wherever they call it fall). Also, aside, is fall because the leaves fall or because the rain falls? It’s autumn here because we like making up words for things that are totally unrelated to the actual thing.

Although I am making a list of tbr books I heavily caveat this with I am unlikely to read any of them. Or anything, for that matter. I’m currently working on my own book (yikes, yay, ah I’m mad) and I find reading other books while writing makes me feel rubbish. I just get in this spiral about how I wish I could write half that well and then give up writing because how can I be that perfect. So no more books for me. Ok maybe one or two. But not many.

Anyway, I would still love to hear your own fall/autumn/whatever you want to call it tbr. Are any of mine on it? If you’re writing a WIP say hi! I need the moral support haha. And if you’re just a reader then tell me if you’ve read any of these books. Basically I’d love to chat to you in the comments, whoever you are!

Seige and Storm

1. I’m currently (ish not really) reading this and would like to finish it within a few months time. I’m not a massive fan of the writing style. Also since I’m writing a first person pov in present tense I find first person povs in past tense grating. My head keeps trying to write them into present tense.

When the Crawdads Sing

2. I finally got to the front of the library line for the audiobook of this. Just as I decide I won’t be reading books for a while… Mmmh… great. So I guess I’ll just head to the back of the queue again and hope I get it in 2021…


3. Another novel that I’m sitting in the library queue for and dangerously close to the front. Although with this one I’m less worried because I don’t think I’m due it until December and hopefully will be done with my first draft by then.

The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue

4. Can we have this now please? It’s released in October and I’m so excited. I need more VE Schwab in my life. This may be the only book that is the exception to the I’m not reading while writing rule because I can’t wait.

The Near Witch

5. Getting super hyped for V’s upcoming novel makes me think I really should have read her previous novels. I’ve read the Shades of Magic Series (loved it) and Vicious and Vengeful (my favourite ever series), but I haven’t read her other stuff!

City of Girls

6. This is my current audiobook and another one just sitting on the back burner. Again, I might not pick it up again for a while, but the library queue on it isn’t too long (only a month or so).

Priory of the Orange Tree

7. I kid you not reader I am fifty pages from the end. And haven’t read this in over month. I was making good headway but then my buddy reader pulled out and my interest just sort of flopped… But I will finish those 50 pages because I need to have read this massive book.

Poet X

8. I tired to read this because I thought it sounded really interesting but a novel written in poetry felt odd. I feel I need to give it a better go though. Try get used to the poetry…

Everything, Everything

9. After LOVING The Sun is Also a Star I am desperate to try another Nicola Yoon novel. Also I’ve heard great things about this book.

A Thousand Perfect Notes

X. I have been reading Paper Fury’s blog quite a bit lately for her authory tips and writing advice (which is super fun and very well written, also the advice helps a lot too). This has made me want to read her finished product even more!

15 thoughts on “My Autumn TBR

  1. So excited for Addie, I’m hoping to start my e-ARC either tonight or tomorrow! I feel like you’ve been on the last fifty pages of Priory forever! The Near Witch is one of the few VE Schwab books I’ve yet to read, I’ve read almost everything else she’s written. I liked Siege and Storm, but I definitely think Leigh Bardugo’s writing has improved A LOT since she did the original Grisha trilogy. I liked A Thousand Perfect Notes, but it’s not a favourite.
    My TTT:


  2. That’s awesome that you’re writing! I’ve participated in Nanowrimo for the past several years, but I just don’t know if I have it in me this year. I’m feeling creatively drained. Ha. Great tbr here. I haven’t read any of these yet, either, but several are on my tbr, too. 🙂


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