Northanger Abbey Review

It was a request from my pen pal that got me reading this novel. We're both quite big on books- she's doing a literature degree over in France and I'm just an avid enthusiast with no real understanding of literary prose, as this review may now proove. Northanger Abbey follows Catherine, a poorer character than … Continue reading Northanger Abbey Review


10 Adorable Fictional Couples

Hello hello and happy Tuesday. It's foggy here as I race through English countryside, desperately typing as my phone is on 2% (if this post is a little unrefined that'll be why). Anyway, hope you've had a good week, mines been busy since I walked to the next town over on the weekend with my … Continue reading 10 Adorable Fictional Couples

Gilmore Girls Challenge Episode One

As you may or may not know a list was recently released with all the books ever mentioned in a show called Gilmore Girls. This started the challenge among bookworms to see how many books they'd read that one of the show's protagonists, Rory Gilmore a huge bookworm, had also read. Anyway, this list got … Continue reading Gilmore Girls Challenge Episode One

10 Upcoming Releases I’m on the Fence About

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Having just had a three day weekend- Friday was a snow day, Saturday some old friends from school came to visit and we had a snowball fight and a lot of cake, and finally Sunday involved more snowy walks and sticking in the warmth with my boyfriend- I'm feeling pretty … Continue reading 10 Upcoming Releases I’m on the Fence About

An Interview with Author Rick Lenz

Super excited to be posting my first author interview! Meet Rick Lenz and his latest novel Impersonators Anonymous (published just last year)! He's chatted to me all about his novels, himself and writing advice for any budding authors out there. 1) Hi Rick, welcome to my blog! Would you mind introducing your book? Happy to, … Continue reading An Interview with Author Rick Lenz