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Do We Show Immaturity Enough in YA

Young people throughout YA literature are mature, independent and acute. While a strong message to any youth who feels powerless due to their age it does restrict the presentation of growth and give the illusion… More

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2020 Meet Me

As the magic of Christmas and the shortest day sit behind us, the hazy fun of midnight on New Year’s and the crazy diet and exercise plans in the first weeks of January slow down… More

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  • Hello, hello and welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday, this time on books with colours in their title! This is for Top Ten Tuesday, […]
  • While dealing with hard truths and the struggling reality young people face as they first venture into the world The Flatshare is real and emotional […]
  • Never before has romance become so real. Gone are the fluffy lines and sweet moments as Sally Ronney drags her readers kicking and screaming back […]