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Do you have to Finish a Book to Review it?

Hello hello! Wow it’s me, back on the blog again (I know what is this maddness?!). I’ve decided to try pick it up, but with a slower pace (maybe a post every week, maybe a post every two weeks, I’m not sure yet). Anyway, here we have the first post back and it’s a rare…

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2021!!! Think we can all say good riddance to 2020 😅 although I am definitely disappointed we are still in lockdown. One of my favourite things to do in the new year is to make resolutions. I love the idea of setting goals (even if I never achieve them!) and really enjoy the idea…

My Autumn TBR

Hello hello and welcome to this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, all about my autumnal tbr (or fall if you’re from wherever they call it fall). Also, aside, is fall because the leaves fall or because the rain falls? It’s autumn here because we like making up words for things that are totally unrelated to the…

2020 Meet Me

As the magic of Christmas and the shortest day sit behind us, the hazy fun of midnight on New Year’s and the crazy diet and exercise plans in the first weeks of January slow down we’re settling into a new year and a new decade. I’ve been spending about the whole of January trying to…

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  • After looking through my drafts file for last weeks Top Ten Tuesday, I felt inspire to attempt to publish some of those drafts, including this […]
  • This was such a cover read. Those swirling blues and the despondent silhouette in an old fashioned dress was 100% the reason I picked up […]
  • While dealing with hard truths and the struggling reality young people face as they first venture into the world The Flatshare is real and emotional […]
  • Never before has romance become so real. Gone are the fluffy lines and sweet moments as Sally Ronney drags her readers kicking and screaming back […]