10 Brilliant Bookshops

Travel to 10 beautiful libraries and bookstores around the world in this post (no travelling actually included)


September Wrap Up

See how the wintery month of September has treated me, with a new house, a fun play and many peacocks!! Also theres some books and stuff

Review: Ace of Shades by Amanda Fooley

Ace of Shades follows the finishing school to-be-graduate, etiquetly trained, ballerina poised Enne as she visits the back streets, gang headquarters and sleazy casinos of New Reynes, aka The City of Sin. What could go wrong? And if you think those are a juxtaposition, then you're not alone. After the revolution New Reynes, once home... Continue Reading →

10 Books by Authors I Love

I am very guilty of buying books by Authors I love. It doesn't always work *cough*The Casual Vacancy*cough* and you do have to check out the blurb before diving in, but here's a list of ten books I can't wait to read by tried and tested authors! Also please ignore the weird bold thing my... Continue Reading →

Reading Hyped Books: Pros and Cons

What's this? A discussion post? Do I have opinions behind all the tags and lists I post? Possibly not but let's give it a go anyway. I started my blog earlier this year and since then have tentatively started talking to other bloggers (urg why is socialising so hard). I've found myself reading more fantasy... Continue Reading →

Fall TBR

In England fall basically means rain. Forget your romantic notions of crispy orange leaves and woolly hats, think more soggy shoes and damp, frizzy hair. It's a horrendously wet season that holds a few very key events: my birthday, bonfire night and the date the John Lewis Christmas Add is released. And with those key... Continue Reading →

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