10 Authors I’d Love to Meet

Seeing authors is one of the privilege of being a YA bookworm. It’s so fun when they go on tour and you can gush in signing lines, clutching your treasured books, trying not to curl the pages before they sign it. It’s always so fun. But it’s never easy meeting all your favourites, I’m lucky to live in England where quite a few visit but not all authors tour here and it’s not always possible to meet them when they come. So here’s a lit of ten authors I’d love to meet.

1. Rick Riordan

Top of the list and has been for years, as a man’s who’s books made my childhood I’d love to meet him. It’s a big dream of mine and if I ever go to the States I’d definitely go see him. (Which I know is a ridiculous thing to say give how big the States is but still!)

2. Tomi Adeyomi

I was one of the unlucky few who didn’t manage to meet Tomi at YALC πŸ˜₯ Children of Blood and Bone was such a great read!!

3. Cassandra Clare

I want to see if Cassandra Clare is as funny in person as she was on the page. Her characters are always really fun to meet, I can only hope she is as well!

4. Derek Landy

I’ve met and embarrassed myself in front of him loads of times, but I would never say no to meeting Derek again! I once asked him to say “Doors are for people with no imagination” in an Irish accent like Skulduggery’s and feel I need to meet him again and redeem myself…

5. JK Rowling

I know I have like no chance since she probably will never tour again but it would be very cool to see the author of a book series that meant so much to me when I was a kid.

Also here is a picture of YALC from August! Might have missed Tomi but I did see a lot of very cool authors!!

6. Sarah J Maas

I’ve only recently picked up her books but am super jealous of my friend who’s met her already. It would be very cool to meet the maker of Ardlan’s Assassin!

7. Stephanie Garber

Caravel was just, wow, and I’d love to meet the author. I really like her writing and am very intrigued by how she managed to create such a unqiue world.

8. Erin Hunter (s?)

I read the books Warrior Cats as a kid and devoured them. They were a staple and kept my interest in reading alive. I would like to meet the authors (I think they’re 4??) if for nothing else just to say thanks.

9. Angie Thomas

Not only is The Hate U Give an amazing read but makes such an important point. I’d love to meet the author.

10. Catherine Webb

Last but not least, Catherine Webb wrote one of my favourite books (which no one has ever heard of) and I’d love to meet her. Although I might need to get a new copy of her book for signing if I ever meet her since I read mine to the point that the pages fell out…

Let’s compare Notes

So there you have it! Ten authors I’d love to meet.Β Who would you want to meet? Who have you met? If you did this TTT then feel free to drop your link off!

23 thoughts on “10 Authors I’d Love to Meet

  1. I didn’t realize the Warriors books were written by more than one person! Interesting to know! I’ve never read those but those and the Redwall series have always appealed to me. Plus cats of course! πŸ™‚ And I do want to read Stephanie garber’s stuff too.


  2. So nice you met some of your favourites!
    I haven’t actually met any authors πŸ˜€ would love to meet Stephen King, but i’d probably just pass out from excitement… hahaha


  3. Oh my gosh, the Warriors series. My best friend and I were so obsessed. I even created my own clans based on pictures of cats I found on the internet and gave them names, which is a SUPER NERDY thing to do but I did it anyway. I never finished the whole series because it just went on and on and on and I never was as attached to the later characters.


  4. Wow I would die to meet any and all these authors!
    I’ve never been to the US but if I ever plan to I would have to coordinate it with a Rick Riordan book signing. There’s no point of going otherwise haha

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  5. Of course I would also love to meet Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling! I’m still so gutted that we missed out on Tomi at YALC, I hope she comes back next year. And yes, we should definitely embarrass ourselves in front of Derek again. I’m so glad you liked Caraval and I would also like to meet Stephanie. I’m going to another Sarah J Maas event next month, but sadly, she’s so popular now, she doesn’t do signing lines anymore because they’re too long!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2018/10/01/top-ten-tuesday-179/


  6. I could not meet Tomi at YALC either but some very sweet young ladies had my books signed for me! Now I would love meeting Cassandra Clare, Sarah J Maas and Holly Black!


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