10 Favourite Villains

Principle to every good story is the villain. If you don’t have a good villain you can’t really have a good hero. So here’s ten terrifying villains for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.

1. The Reflection from Skulduggery Pleasant

She wasn’t the most terrifying villain in this story but I really enjoyed her character arc and how quiet she kept her rebellion. Also she was pretty freaky with that sceptre.

2. King from The Hate U Give

It was pretty terrifying how nobody in Starr’s neighborhood could say anything against King without fearing for their lives.

3. Judge Craven from Flawed

I recently finished this novel and wow was Judge Craven a great villain. He was had so much power over Celestines life but at the same time was struggling to retain it, making sloppy mistakes as he made people disappear. Cunning and desperate make a good villain combo.

4. President Snow from The Hunger Games

Was anyone else just a little freaked out by a man who would poison himself just to remove his enemies?

5. Holland from A Darker Shade of Magic

He’s cold, begrudging, plays the unexpected and apparently I will grow to love him in the rest of the series, if Twitter is to be trusted. How can I make a list of villains and not include one of VE Schwabs?

6. The Sultan from Rebel of the Sands

The Sultan is cruel, calculating and totally heartless. Having come to power by slaughtering his own family there’s not much this man won’t do to remain on the throne.

7. Duke Perrington from Throne of Glass

Another recent read, I found this man to be terrifying. He was willing to manipulate anyone around him, and use any circumstance he could for evil. He would stop at nothing to accomplish his wicked schemes and nobody suspected him to be anything but a friend.

8. Sedric Torren from Ace of Shades

Wealthy, cunning and power hungry: a combination that made this villain stop at nothing to secure his aims.

9. Legend from Caravel

Without giving away spoilers it’s hard to tell you about this character, but I can tell you he’s complicated. The second guessing and not knowing made this formidable figure pretty villainous.

10. Voldemort from Harry Potter

I don’t think I can skip the character who every little kid reading Harry Potter was just a little bit afraid of. He’s ruthless, relentless and has no sense of smell, and he was dead scary in those dreams Harry had.

Lets Compare Notes

Which of these villains sounds worse? Have I missed off any important ones or do you have a list yourself? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

27 thoughts on “10 Favourite Villains

  1. President Snow is a great choice, and yes he was awful. I’ve seen him on a few lists too. And he was played so well by Donald Sutherland in the movies… so creepy.


      1. Yes, I finished it a couple of months ago. I kept postponing book 3 because after the magnificent read book 2 provided, I was quite terrified to read the final installment haha. Terrified it’d disappoint me since final installments are always tricky I think. But I also didn’t want it all to end. These characters have been so amazing to be around and I loved the Arabian settings, myths and folklore. Hope you enjoy the rest of your read ❤


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