10 Stand-alones that I Need Closure On

Ok, making this list really showed me that I do not read enough stand alone novels. I’m a series kind of girl ok! I like to get stuck in and not say goodbye to my new book friends after just one novel. And who doesn’t like the hype around the next in the series?! It was with great difficulty that I managed to make a list of books that I think could do with a sequel.

1. To Kill a Kingdom

Yes, I know, it all ended happily. Ish. The ending was pretty satisfying: we saw how Elyian and Lira spend their days, the battle was neatly wrapped up, even the minor characters like the power hungry ice princess have a neat finish. But that doesn’t stop me longing for another novel full of pirates, sirens and adventure.

2. Things a Bright Girl Can Do

I just finished this novel and honestly it’s so good I recommend it to anyone. But how can I not want a sequel?! It’s the prime of the young protagonists’ lives, how can I not want to know what happens next??

3. Code Name Verity

This novel 😭 can we just see if Maddie gets a happy ending, at least? I am reading Rose Under Fire, but I’m not sure if that’s a sequel or a spin off…

4. The Hate U Give

Oh my gosh. This novel. The ending. I would love to follow Starr as she continues to fight for Khalil.

5. The Night Circus

Does the game continue? How are Poppet, Widget and Bailey doing? Can’t Celia and Marco have some fun ghost adventures?

6. You Against Me

I loved this novel. The tense court case, the injustice of the legal system and the forbidden love. But WE DIDN’T GET A VERDICT. You can’t have a novel revolve around a court case and not have a verdict. I am just going to wait here, Jenny, looking forward to next one.

7. The Kite Runner

There were still so many challenges ahead at the end of this sad tale. I just wanted it to end somewhat happy 😭

8. The Hazel Wood

Can we have a novel full of Ellery’s adventures please?

9. The Fandom

Maybe not a sequel but a rewrite? Can we have more readers fall into books please? I volunteer to go to Hogwarts as research.

10. Circe

I’m not quite sure if this is the sequel to Song of Achilles or just a stand alone, but I’m half way through and can already tell I’ll want more Greek myth fun after this. Just give me all the myths.

Lets Compare Notes

Phew, that was a tough list to write. Have you read any of these stand alones? Know of any I might enjoy? Because I only ever really rave about series, oops. If you’ve got a list yourself feel free to drop it in the comments! Also, on the topic of Greek Myths, stay tuned Thursday since I’ll be posting my answers to the Greek myths book tag then! And give me a shout if you want tagging 😄