August Wrap Up

It’s pitched black outside, I’ve just come back from the pub wrapped in my thick warm coat, hair frizzing from a light splattering of rain, wearing my new boots from a summer sale and all this means one thing- it must be time to wrap up August, and therefore summer 😦 Although the fact I’ve travelled north may have something to do with the weather…

So in my now classic (can I justify calling a feature I’ve done three times as classic? Yeah why not) way here’s four posts I enjoyed putting up on my blog this month.

  • Top Ten Female Book Characters in STEM – this had to top the list because I loved writing it. I’m a female computer scientist and this is something I’m passionate about even in fictional realms. Also I met some great book bloggers in STEM through the comments and their basically as rare and cool as unicorns to me.
  • My Favourite YALC 2k18 Moments! – Summer always means the excitement of YALC and this year was no exception. There were authors, snacks and lots of books so writing a post on my favourite memories from the weekend was pretty fun.
  • Children of Blood and Bone Review – Gushing my thoughts onto a page for this little gem was a pretty fun way to spend a morning.
  • Book Haul! – My YALC book haul (can you tell much of my excitement revolved around YALC?). You can see all the signed and pretty paperbacks I got that I can’t wait to dive into (see if you can spot which book I accidently missed out on the photo…)

And now we can see what everyone else I follow has been posting in August. Or at least four of my favourite posts.


And now here’s four exciting things that happened in August!

  • I signed for my first house! Don’t get too excited, it’s only a rental but I’m very happy all the searching is over and I can move into such a beautiful place.
  • My boyfriend got a job! My boyfriend is clearly an employable man since he has managed to get a very fun job that sounds brilliant for him in publishing!
  • My friends got married! A cute and fun day, I got to tear up and watch two of my friends tie the official knot. There was also much cake, cute speeches and plenty of catching up with old uni friends (ew why do I say they’re old friends now?!)
  • I’ve gone up North! On the very last day of the month I fled my county and took many trains and a tram! How exciting.

And finally it’s time to look ahead at the cold month of September  and list four things I’m looking forward to!

  • Moving into the afformently mentioned house I just rented! Time to invest in much furniture, pick where to hang pictures and decide which cushions go with our aesthetic, a very exciting month planned here.
  • Starting my new job! I’m adulting way too much at the moment, what with the house and all, but now apparently I’m adulting again???
  • Moving near London! It’s a big place and I’m looking forward to seeing what this metropolis has in stall for me in the next few years.
  • House warmings! I’m going to see many new houses as I visit my friends’ new places and attempt to no knock over any treasured family airlooms…

So there you have it! My August and my September plans! What’s your favourite memory from August? Got anything big planned this September? Feel free to drop me a message below, I’d love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “August Wrap Up

  1. It not only sounds like you had a great August (your friends wedding must have been amazing, and wow signing for your first house, that’s great) but it sounds like you have a great September planned too (good luck with your new job!)
    Thanks so much for featuring my post too (I’d recommend all the books I picked to take to Paris too), and I’d be interested in seeing your answers if you do take part. 🙂

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