10 Upcoming Releases I’m on the Fence About

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Having just had a three day weekend- Friday was a snow day, Saturday some old friends from school came to visit and we had a snowball fight and a lot of cake, and finally Sunday involved more snowy walks and sticking in the warmth with my boyfriend- I’m feeling pretty well rested! And ready to start this post which is again on 2019 releases (anyone else feel we’ve done quite a few upcoming releases lists lately?).

Anyway, on with the list! Sorry I slightly overran, I’m on the fence about quite a few!!

1. Dead Queen’s Club

This was released last week but I feel it should still count? I’m not sure if I’ll read it or not since it sounds a bit romance heavy (I mean it’s Henry the Eighth he was all about his women!) But I really like the concept of a history retelling!

2. The Boy Who stole Houses

Much like CG Drew’s other novel, I am unsure if I’ll tackle this book. I love her blog, Instagram and Twitter and of course want to support her as an author but her books always sound a bit too dark for me 🤔

3. We Hunt the Flames

Everyone is chatting about this novel on Twitter, which has got me thinking I should read it, but it’s not one I’m really excited for so it is sitting a little in the drop zone.

4. Paper and Hearts Society

Like Cait, I am following this blogger turned author and again feel I should support a fellow book blogger. But I just don’t know if this book is my sort of thing?

5. A Girl Called Shameless

I did enjoy Laura Steven’s The Exact Opposite of Okay, but more for the point than the writing and am not totally sure if I’ll pick up her sequel. I’ll make the decision after seeing a few reviews!

6. The Night Country

Second in the series after The Hazel Wood, I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be picking up it’s sequel. I rated it five stars when I first read it but looking back I have to admit it wasn’t that good.

7. Priory of the Orange Tree

I’m leaning towards no on this one (sorry Samantha Shannon!). It’s just I don’t want to be consumed by this mammoth novel for months on end! I like a break from a certain writing style and story every, ya know, 500 pages.

8. King of Scars

All depends if I get round to the rest of the series soon, although I’ve heard great things!

9. The Wicked King

Again, I need to actually read The Cruel Prince before committing to it’s sequel.

10. Gilded Wolves

Everyone is talking about this novel but I don’t have much inclination to read it for some reason? I don’t know why, I’m a little on the fence with it.

11. The Tirants Tomb

It’s the fourth Trials of Apollo and I really don’t know if I’ll finish this series, the third book felt a bit meh and I think I’ve finally out grown Rick Riordan.

12. Chain of Gold

I told my friend who’s a recent and massive Cassandra Clare fan that I’d give this a read but first I have to read The Infernal Devices and I just don’t know if I want to go down a Shadowhunter wormhole again, there are too many books for me to keep up!

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! 10, ok maybe 11, novels I can’t make decisions about. Is anyone surprised this list overran given how indecisive I am? I doubt it!

29 thoughts on “10 Upcoming Releases I’m on the Fence About

  1. Have you read A Thousand Perfect Notes yet? I didn’t think it was that dark. The characters are really sweet even if they don’t have the best lives.

    I’m sort of on the fence about The Dead Queens Club too. It sounds interesting but… I don’t know.


  2. I’m in a similar mind about the Trials of Apollo series. I think I might have grown out of Rick Riordan’s type of middle grade. Neither ToA nor all the new Riordan imprint releases have really grabbed my attention. Magnus Chase and PJO probably deserve a reread at some point though.

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  3. Great list! I just read King of Scars and loved it, so I’d definitely recommend it if you love Bardugo’s Grishaverse, and I want to read The Gilded Wolves soon. I’m on the fence about The Dead Queens Club, too! I love Tudor history but I don’t know if I’d like this – I do love that it has the potential to get more people interested in the Tudor era, though.

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    1. Ah glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully I’ll get through that series soon haha yeah same for me! It’s a very cool concept but I don’t know if I’ll like the actual novel! That would be good, there’s quite a few TV shows set in that era which I think has piqued people’s interest

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  4. Dead Queens Club sort of put me off because it sounded like it was going to be all about the guy and the ladies would fade into the background, but I read a really positive review that got me pumped for it and from what I gather, it’s all about female empowerment and they’re actually given proper development, so I’m on board again.
    I think The Paper & Hearts Society sounds cute, but I don’t know what the plot is???


    1. Ooh I can’t wait to start seeing reviews about it, I’m intrigued. It’s sounds a little bit like John Tucker Must Die, if you’d seen that film! Ooh that does sound good.
      Yeah me too! All I know is it involves a book club and possibly a road trip?? Another one I’m waiting for reviews on!

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  5. I liked A Thousand Perfect Notes but I’m not sure about The Boy Who Steals Houses, honestly I really just want to read some fantasy from Cait, I think it will be amazing when she does. I feel the same way about The Paper and Hearts Society, I want to support Lucy but it just doesn’t sound like something I’d like. I am going to be reading Priory, so I’ll let you know if it’s worth the heft. I’m actually really excited for A Girl Called Shameless, but I think I liked The Exact Opposite of Okay more than you did. I will be reading King of Scars, and you should definitely catch up on the rest of the Grishaverse, because it’s great. I’m kind of feeling the same way about Rick Riordan’s books now, but I want to finish Trials of Apollo, since there’s only two books left. I’ve bought The Dead Queen’s Club so I’ll let you know how it is. I didn’t enjoy The Hazel Wood, so I won’t be reading The Night Country, but I do want to read both We Hunt The Flame and The Gilded Wolves.


    1. Yeah I agree! Also her blog is mostly fantasy so I sort of thought that would be more her sort of book. Yeah that one, like Caits stuff, is Tricky, although I don’t actually read her blog that much 😬
      Ah tell me what you think! I’m very on the fence! Yeah I think you did, tbh it’s mostly that she was mean about STEM that’s put me off her novels 😭
      I’ve heard great things and really need to start it 🙄
      I don’t know if I’ll read the two books tbh, it’s sad but I really struggled with the last one 😪 ooh tell me how you find it! Yeah I want to but whether I actually will 🤔 I’m looking forward to a few other releases more


      1. Yeah me too-I think she got an agent off a fantasy book, and I think she’s said she’s working on a few more fantasies, so hopefully we’ll get them from her soon because although I liked her first book, I’m not a massive contemporary fan. I don’t really read her blog, but I watch her YouTube videos quite a bit and obviously joined in her Twitter chats so I feel like I do want to support her, this just isn’t really the book for me. I will, that’s totally fair enough. Ah I think you’d really love the Grisha books, well Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom anyway, the original trilogy isn’t the best. It’s definitely not worth it if you really didn’t enjoy it, I just really want closure before I let his books go for good-they were such a huge part of my life for so long! I will. That’s perfectly fair, it’s so hard, there are so many good books coming out this year!


  6. Priory is on my list of maybe too. I hope to see some reviews and decide then! Please read, The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King! I loved them. 🙂


      1. Yeah, I started a 1000 page adult fantasy and I’m struggling! It takes so long and I can read so many YA in that time! I kinda wanna put it aside, and try to get a lot of my YA TBR read, while I’m on bed rest!


      2. Yeah, that’s what I normally do. I’m thinking this will be a continuing one for a while. No, it’s The Way of Kings, an adult fantasy.


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