10 Childhood Reads we Were all Obsessed With

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! Which means, of course, another list for Top Ten Tuesday. Today it’s all about our childhood favourites, so let’s take a trip down memory lane and see a few of mine. Do you remember any of these childhood reads?

1. Waiting for Anya

Or basically anything by Micheal Morpurgo. I was a huge fan of all his books but particularly remember bursting into tears at the end of this book.

2. Horrid Henry

Anyone else wish they did a ‘what Henry did next’ thing where we see where he ended up? I think Perfect Peter would be in jail. Or Oxford university. Could go either way.

3. Percy Jackson

Ah a staple of my childhood. Funny story I actually read the third one first because I liked the flying horse on the cover, which made me think it was all actually about Nico and Bianca. Silly, twelve year old me.

4. Watership Down

In hindsight, maybe not the best book for children. My friend and I had a reading race where we read this epic and tragic tale at the ripe old age of 11.

5. Warrior Cats

Firestar and the gang were just my favourites as a kid. I loved hearing what those clans were up to in their forest dens.

6. Harry Potter

How can I not include the novels that made me late for school for a week in year eight? Yeah my teachers were as pleased as I was when I finished Order of the Phoenix.

7. Holes

I mean the guy and his whole family was called Stanley Yelnats because it was his name backwards! What’s not to love as a kid?

8. Series of Unfortunate Events

If you weren’t worried about Violet, Klaus and Sunny were you really a kid in the early 2000s?

9. Biff and Chip

We’re going way back to my baby years. I mean these might have been picture books, when I was a very slow, unenthusiastic reader.

10. Skulduggery Pleasant

I remember being recommended this at the library when I was a kid and being scared of the skeleton on the cover, only to then discover the joy of a detective skeleton when I was fourteen and found a group of friends who loved these books.

35 thoughts on “10 Childhood Reads we Were all Obsessed With

  1. Oh those Biff and Chip books were childhood staples! I think I finally stopped having to reading them in Yr4 when I could choose any other reading book I wanted, but they were the books my sister would always pick up from the library so I’d read them with her. Besides Harry Potter and the odd Series of Unfortunate Events book (I never read them all), my other childhood staples and particularly in fantasy were Artemis Fowl, and His Dark Materials. I loved those books and would sit in the book corner of my bedroom reading those for hours.


    1. They really were! Aw that’s so cute, I remember wanting to grow beans (I think?) Like they did in the garden but I grew up in a flat πŸ˜‚ I don’t actually think I read all the Series of Unfortunate Events books either πŸ€” or if I did it was very out of the reading order! Aw I loved them both too! I did consider putting Artemis Fowl on the list but wanted to keep it to 10. I used to lie on the floor underneath the window, where the sun was, and read!


  2. Because I am so much older than you, most of these books were published when I was an adult but as a teacher/librarian I read most of them. Holes was my favourite.


      1. I read them when I was 19 (like five years ago) and they are pretty much the entire reason why I started reading middle grade again (my favorite series is Magnus Chase though)


  3. Holes though ❀ Ugh such a good book and movie! Percy Jackson and Harry Potter were also some of my favorites, although comparing the two, I think it’s because they had a girl that was smart and capable of holding their own, and they became my role models lol.


      1. From what I remember, the movie followed the book very well! It was a really good adaptation. I think the only thing they didn’t include was Stanley losing so much weight because it would have been unhealthy for the actor to lose that much weight in a short amount of time (if I remember the article correctly), so he started off skinny (Shia Lebouf played Stanley).


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