Fantasy Books that Give off Summer Vibes

When I hear books that give off summer vibes my first thoughts are hazy summer flings, and sweet romances. I’m talking Grease. But what about summery fantasies? What about the scorching battles in hot sun and sweet summer fruits. So here’s a list of fantasy books that give off summer vibes.

This is for Top Ten Tuesday, you can find the other posts here and you can check out all my list posts here. This topic is from last week since I’d prepared the post but, given it was blackout Tuesday it wasn’t the time for me to share.

Would love to hear from you guys in the comments: tell me what books give off a summer vibe? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments section!

Children of Blood and Bone

1. This book gives such a summer vibe, with the tropical island and lush forests our protagonists venture through to the warm seas they fish. If any fantasy readers are looking for a summery fantasy read I’d definitely recommend this series.

Rebel of the Sands

2. Maybe less summer and more dessert, the dry, hot setting of this fantasy is the perfect tale for a sunny day. That and the feeling of sand getting everywhere is something any breach goer can relate to.


3. Holes always gives such a summer vibe, not only being set in a summer holiday but also being set in a dessert. Even the scenes of the past have a warm glow with that dessert town filled with cowboys. Also it’s just a fabulous read at any time of year, one of my favourites as a kid.

A Curse so Dark and Lonely

4. This fantasy is set in a strange other world where our protagonist is trapped in a loop, a royal castle reliving the same summer day, which makes the setting of this novel feel very unique while giving a warm summer vibe.

City of Brass

5. Another desert set novel. From the tasty treats eaten at the palace to the descriptions of markets this novel felt very summary.


6. This Latinx inspired fantasy shows glistening seas, impenetrable prison and busy marketplaces all set beneath a warm summer sky. From corn fields to prison breaks if you’re looking for a fantasy set in the warmth this is it.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

7. This novel is basically set in a summer holiday. Its like a gap year crossed with one of those long uni summers, showing basically old day inter railing. The novel does still encompass a fantasy theme featuring an eternal potion.


8. With Circe learning to tend her herbs and island gardening this novel is set right at the end of spring and the cusp of summer. Circe’s descriptions of roaming the island with her feet bare with her wolfish companions feels so blissful.

The Deathless Girls

9. The Deathless Girls is set in that standard fantasy realm of thatched roofs and old castles but with the sweltering kitchens and a long journey on horseback it felt weirdly summery to me.

The Priory of the Orange Tree

X. This novel is so long it contains pretty well every season, we see chirping birds in spring and thick snowfall in winter. But we also get a glimpse of summer in the Priory’s garden with a cascading waterfall, sweet wine and a camel dessert crossing.

9 thoughts on “Fantasy Books that Give off Summer Vibes

  1. Holes, The City of Brass and Circe are all very summery reads! I keep meaning to give Children of Blood and Bone a try—I think I’m going to borrow the audiobook from the library. Great list!


  2. I had Rebel of The Sands and City of Brass on my list this week. I’ve read most of these and I don’t know why they didn’t cross my mind as summery, you’re right, Gentleman’s Guide is basically one long summer holiday!


  3. When I think of novels that give off summer vibes, I usually think of it in a positive way – warm temps, lazy days, pool/beachside settings, etc. HOLES gives me summer vibes in a bad way – scorching weather, sweaty work, etc. LOL. It’s a great book, though. I haven’t read any of your others since I’m not much into fantasy. Glad you enjoyed them, though.

    Happy TTT!



  4. I own Circe but haven’t read it yet. Every summer I put it on my tbr but never get to it. Hopefully this is the summer! 🙂 Great list!


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