Upcoming Releases

So 2020 feels cancelled but at least we still have new books. Here are the Upcoming Releases for the remainder of 2020 I’m excited for.

This is for Top Ten Tuesday, you can find the other posts here and you can check out all my list posts here.

Cinderella is Dead

1. Coming in July I’m so excited for this retelling with the most gorgeous cover. It feels like a unique mix of dystopian and fantasy all in one staring a queer black woman with a kingdom to bring down. How amazing does that sound?!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

2. 3 words: new VE Schwab. How amazing does this sound: a woman who is immortal but invisible and always forgotten?

The Notorious Virtues

3. After loving Rebel of the Sands I’m so hyped for The Notorious Virtues, Alwyn Hamiliton first novel since Hero at the Fall. We have rich, magic filled heiresses and I can already tell I will be getting dress envy.

A Deadly Education

4. I wasn’t a massive fan of Uprooted but am keen to see what else this author comes out with. She’s only really done standalones before so we have the intrigue of series.

Queen of Volts

5. Ok so I’ve somewhat lost track of this series. I enjoyed Ace of Shades but the books became really hard to get hold off and I still haven’t manager to find King of Fools. Also, I thought Queen of Volts had already been released so I’m clearly not keeping track.

The Dreamer Trilogy 2

6. I still haven’t read Call Down the Hawk and, having heard some mixed reviews, it somewhere near the bottom of the tbr now. However with lockdown the tbr is dwindling and I may actually finish it in time to read the next one!

The Cousins

7. I have LOVED all of Karen McManus’s books and devoured One of Us is Next earlier this year. I’m so excited for The Cousins. Another easy to read, quick to action and character driven teen mystery that absorb me completely in this fictional thing that many call the American High School.


8. Having read Nocturna at the end of 2019 I’m excited to see what’s next for our mourning prince and snarky thief. I just need to know if they ever see each other again. That ending can’t be THE END for them?? Surely not.

Tower of Nero

9. Ok so I stopped reading these a while back because I found them a bit childish (fine, they are books for children, that makes sense, but I was still a tad guttered to have fallen out of their age range). But. I hear this book is full of Nico and Will who were one of my favourite couples in the original series and definitely weren’t given enough page time. So yes I may have one last trip down memory lane to catch up on my favourite pairing.

Midnight Sun

X. I don’t know if I’ll read this one but I am somewhat intrigued. I was never a big Twilight fan although I know for some it was a pivotal read of their teenagerhood. I have friends who got into reading because of those books and absolutely lived in that world so I am somewhat curious what it’s all about.

7 thoughts on “Upcoming Releases

  1. I’m so excited for Addie, I can’t wait! Also I really need you to read King of Fools because I have a lot of feelings about that book and no one to share them with (so obviously very excited for Queen of Volts too!). I’m also really looking forward to The Notorious Virtues as well. I feel the same way about The Tower of Nero, I’ve definitely grown out of Rick Riordan’s books but I do want to finish them for old times’ sake (though I still haven’t read the fourth book!).


    1. Sameeee it sounds so good! And that cover :O :O I really do want to read King of Fools but my usual library got it on Netgalley 😉 So I’m waiting for my backup library to order it in! I was so guttered writing this because I associate Alwyn Hamiliton with YALC so much and just know we would have seen her there this year 😥 I do really miss Camp Half Blood but at the same time can no longer relate with the foolish demigod youth 😥 It’s a permanent conundrum


      1. So gorgeous, she always gets such great covers! Fingers crossed that your backup library gets it soon! Ugh, I know, it really sucks, hopefully she’ll be there next year? I definitely feel the conundrum there, I’m just hoping Tower of Nero leaves everything on a high!


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