Winter tbr Results

The topic is supposed to be based around something audio (audiobooks, podcasts, songs) and I would love to tell you all this is really on topic and all of these are audiobooks, but they’re not. I mean what even are ears for? Despite having worked in radio I don’t listen to all that much stuff 😝 I’ve also worked in sport so let’s just assume my job’s never correlate…

Although I’m actually looking forward to getting some suggestions on things to listen to: I’ve only listened to one audiobook- Circe- and handful of podcasts so I’d love to try more, but as I’m not a big listener, I’m just going to do a winter tbr recap instead.

1. Alex and Eliza


I read it! It was terrible but I still read it!

2. Things a Bright Girl can Do


And this one! Although I really enjoyed it, unlike Alex and Eliza.

3. Northanger Abbey


I also polished off this one! It was ok, not my favourite Austen but still pretty good.

4. Perfect


Well we knew I couldn’t be on a roll for too long. Sequel to Flawed and permanently on the tbr πŸ™„ maybe one day I’ll finish this series…

5. Legendary


Can I have Finale now please?

6. The Raven King


Woops, they never found that king.

7. Rose Under Fire

Currently Reading! Well ish, I may have put it on hold when I got on the blog tour for Muse of Nightmares (have I banged on about that enough yet?), but we’re still going to count it.

8. The Mime Order


I read The Bone Season so long ago, like who even is Paige?

9. Fawkes


Sadly this one wasn’t on my local libraries system so it was a bit of a non starter.

10. Crown of Midnight


I may have been in no rush to return to the disappointing world of Caelena Ska-something (how do you even spell it?!).

Let’s Compare Notes

So there you have it! I completed 50% of them, which is a sweet 2:2 😜 have you read any of these? Make a tbr of your own? Have any audio suggestions so I can be slightly more on topic in the future? Feel free to drop an opinion or list in the comments section!

26 thoughts on “Winter tbr Results

  1. I also read Alex and Eliza, wow was that one terrible. I’m glad you liked Things A Bright Girl Can Do, I did too and we will have to talk about Legendary the next time I see you because you’re the only one of my friends who has read it! I’m dying to read Finale, why does May still have to be two months away??? I hope you enjoy the rest of Rose Under Fire. The Raven King is brilliant, and I think you’ll enjoy The Mime Order more than The Bone Season, well I thought it was a lot better anyway. Fawkes is really awesome, it’s a bummer that you can’t find it at your local library, I wish I could lend it to you but I got it from Netgalley. Crown of Midnight is 1000x better than Throne of Glass, I promise!
    My TTT:


    1. It really was πŸ˜‚ oh yes we should discuss because 😱 although we’ll probably just talk about Finale given that wills be out by the time you’re back? I found the Bone Season quite dry and the writing felt a bit pretentious, but I’m thinking I might reread it (I know 😱) because it wasn’t a great time when I read it. Yeah I might buy it, I don’t know though. Haha I will read it! Eventually πŸ˜‚ thanks for the link!


      1. Ha ha we can talk about both-I’ll probably be reading Finale by the time I get back. I felt the same way about The Bone Season when I read it, but I found the subsequent books The Mime Order and The Song Rising much better. Maybe Fawkes will be at YALC this year and you can get it then? Probably for much cheaper than you would in Waterstones as well!


      2. Me either! I would, it definitely gets better in the second and third book, I think the first is just difficult to get through because there is so much world to be established and it can be a little confusing. Yes me too, I can’t wait!


  2. I think it’s very interesting that you’ve worked in radio and yet don’t really like to listen to stuff. What sort of job did you hold at that or those radio station(s)?

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.


  3. I’d say you did pretty well! I still need to get to Things a Bright Girl Can Do, glad to see you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚


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