May Wrap Up

And there goes May. Which means it’s officially summer! And officially time for shorts, BBQs, cold drinks and picnics! Anyway here’s my May wrap up, would love to hear what you did/read/wrote in the comments section πŸ™‚

What I Read

πŸ“š A Conjuring of Light – started the month of a high note, finishing this amazing series. Lila, Rhy and Kell, you will be missed 😭

πŸ“š Asking for It – a powerful read, I finished of this book suitably angry and very sad

🎢 Becoming – see the little emoji change? That’s because it’s an Audiobook 😎 loved hearing about Michelle Obama’s time in the White House from the woman herself!

What I Wrote

πŸ§€ STEM Representation in Literature – I wrote all about the characters that inspired me and why books should make women in STEM more of a social norm!

πŸ§€ 30 Words You Didn’t Know You Knew – I got to share more words with people! Yay! 30 more words I’ve recently learnt from books

πŸ§€ To All the Books I’ve Loved Before – a post all about the books that have changed my story as much as I’ve read theirs! Prepare for all the πŸ§€

πŸ§€ Bookish Characters every Reader can Relate to – 10 fictional book worms all readers can see themselves in!

What I Did

πŸš‚ Visited Harry Potter Studios- it was a late Christmas present and exceptionally cool!

πŸš‚ Visited a castle in Wales – my boyfriend and I are keeping up our monthly castle quota and visited another one, this time in the exotic country of Wales

πŸš‚ My friends Visited – two friends who I’ve known since school finally stopped by! We went for a lovely windmill based walk and chatted heaps

πŸš‚ Had Afternoon Tea at a fancy country house – for our three year anniversary my boyfriend and I had a very nice afternoon tea where I ate all the dainty food and cake

What I Read Online

🧑 What Makes a Great Book – not only does this blogger have fabulous taste in books *cough* giving Strange the Dreamer five ⭐s *cough* but I loved reading her take on this topic!

🧑 My Recent Five Star Crisis – a post all about how reading tastes change and how much harsher readers get the more they blog!

🧑 Does the Order we Read Books in Effect our Ratings – as a mood reader I definitely related to this post!

🧑 Top Ten Tuesday 212 – my friend made a list of all the books she’s convinced me to read and honestly I’m just surprised she kept it at 10! Also this post proved she has introduced me to basically all my favourite reads, so yes, good book worm friend.

8 thoughts on “May Wrap Up

  1. I love how all your other posts read this month have proper titles and mine is just “Top Ten Tuesday #212”! I’m so glad you loved A Conjuring of Light and we really need to fangirl when we are at YALC, because I have many feelings that I’ve been holding in for two years because Nicola hasn’t read it yet. I loved your post about women in STEM in books, it’s not something you see many people talking about. You had a much more exciting May than I did, aside from visiting you, I mostly spent this month packing and watching TV!


    1. Haha well I couldn’t find a proper title πŸ˜‚ it adds to the magic, readers will be intrigued to see what it’s on πŸ˜‚ oh me toooooo I need to fangirl and Rhy and Alucard 😍 actually after posting that a some people have told me their profession is underrepresented (male nurses, female doctors etc) and I guess you just don’t realise unless you actually do that subject. You finished your degree and attended grad ball and planned SA so I’d say you had a pretty exciting MayπŸ˜‚


      1. Ha ha that’s because I don’t give them one, I’m far too lazy to think of a proper title for all those posts! Oh yes, I love Rhy and Alucard! Ah that’s really cool that you’ve managed to start a proper discussion around that. Yeah, I suppose so! It’s still so weird to think it’s actually done.


  2. Thank you for sharing my post! It’s so cool that you visit castles all the time! I wish I lived in Europe so I could see things like that. I have visited the Biltmore (the largest β€œhome” in America– the Vanderbilts lived there) and want to visit Bolt Castle this summer.


      1. I hope that I get the chance to see Bolt Castle, it must be cool to visit such old places! America doesn’t have a lot of really old buildings like Europe does, so I’m a bit envious!


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