September Wrap Up

September was a month spent mostly in a suitcase for me. With travelling for work three times, hello Amsterdam, Manchester and Birmingham, it’s felt very intense and a bit tiring. But all this travelling did give me ample long train journeys and quiet hotel rooms in which I managed to polish an impressive five novels!

What was your September like? Write anything interesting or do anything fun? Feel free to drop a link or opinion in the comments section.

What I Read

πŸ“š Throne of Swans – Honestly, I was not a fan. The whole novel felt confusing and I really didn’t like the relationship slapped unnecessarily at it’s heart.

πŸ“š The Raven Boys – I re-read this fantastic novel, re-entering the spooky forest and posh boys school that started this eerie yet entrancing series.

πŸ“š Vox – After loving The Handmaid’s Tale I was intrigued to try it’s modern retelling, Vox, which was just as shocking and a tad more infuriating.

πŸ“š Vicious – Having loved A Darker Shade of Magic I was excited and nervous to launch into Schwab’s university set adult fantasy about the lengths morally dubious men will go in the name of science.

πŸ“š One of Us is Lying – Crime is not my genre and it’s been a good four years since I’ve been able to relate to teenagers at school. So you can imagine my surprise when I absolutely fell in love with the compelling characters driving this crime drama.

What I Wrote

🧦 Are these Over Hyped?! – The age old question we all have to wonder when we try a book that has been across Twitter and Instagram for basically a month. Here’s me questioning ten books on my TBR that might have too much hype now…

🧦 30 Words I Learnt From Books – I made a list of words I learnt lately from reading! How many do you know?

🧦 My Fall TBR – I came up with another list of ten books to ignore over the next few months.

10 Snacks to Eat While Reading – Who doesn’t want to write about food? And books. The best combo.

What I Read Online

πŸŒ‚ 5 Tips for Getting Over a Slump – the post we all know we wanted, and honestly a lot of these work for me too! I often find music helps me concentrate weirdly enough.

πŸŒ‚ How to Read in Different Languages – I just got Harry Potter in French so could use all the tips!

πŸŒ‚ Into the Crooked Place Review – an insanely well formulated, charming and funny review. And I agree, the book is definitely worth four cats!

πŸŒ‚ Stalking Jack the Ripper Review – this lovely reviewer linked me to her review the other week for a novel I’m very excited to read this spooky season!

What I Did

✈️ Amsterdam – I ate far too many stoopwaffles, sat next to the canal and people watched in the sun, cycled around the city and even managed to attend the conference I was in the Netherlands for on the last few warm days of the year, at the beginning of September.

✈️ Wicked – Two of my friends celebrate their birthdays in September a mere day apart and we had a lot of fun cramming in sandwiches, a quick station catch up before falling in love with my favourite stage musical all over again.

✈️ Machine Learning Training – I went for some computer science training up in Manchester this month which has got me dangerously considering stepping back into the murky and stressful world of education.

✈️ Beam Engines at Night– Have you ever wanted to see a piece of industrial architecture, like a beam engine that pumps water up and down a canal, at night? Well I got to live that dream, and it was fantastic. Also tickets included paella so I can hardly not have enjoyed it.

8 thoughts on “September Wrap Up

  1. Aaaa I’m so glad to help you find a good book to read!! And I’m waiting for your review for One of Us is Lying! Have a great month ahead!


  2. I saw this picture and thought immediately “Amsterdam”. This city has such character; bicycles, old houses and canals everywhere. If you would like to read something in French, don’t start maybe with an English author that has been translated in French, but with a French book that you’ve been reading in its English version. Sometimes nuances get lost into the translation process. And don’t grab for a dictionary every time you’re encountering a word you don’t understand but try to say it loud or to derive its meaning from the context.


    1. Yep it’s so distinctive. I also mostly chose this picture because it epitomises Amsterdam πŸ˜‚ ooh really, would you recommend any? I thought Harry Potter would work because I know the story inside out, it’s a children’s book and it’s so popular I would assume it would be well translated πŸ€” ooh ok I’ll do that, I’ve heard that’s a good way to learn!


      1. I would recommend Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-ExupΓ©ry. It’s also deemed to be a children’s book, although it’s also part of the world canon of the world literature. And I only enjoy paella most when the shrimps are peeled!


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