10 Book Shortenings only the Most Hardcore YA Bookworms Would Know

Books with long titles are such a faff. When one is Fangirling one cannot stop to type out all those words. But how well do you know your YA acronyms? Here are 10 YA book acronyms that I see all over the YA world, compiled into a neat little list for a slightly off topic Top Ten Tuesday. How many, out of ten, do you know/can work out? Let me know in the comments!


1. The first time I saw this was on a Twitter game and I didn’t have a clue what it stood for. My only hint to you is that it’s been made into a very popular Netflix adaption. Can you work it out?


2. We all must know this one. I can just see that P being a lightning bolt. It’s on all the merch and appears on the title sequence of a good few of the movies too.


3. The first time I saw this acronym I got so confused, and honestly I still find it hard to spot. The sequel has just come out and the cover is blue, any ideas?


4. Why is this one even shortened?! It’s so easy to say. Also it reminds me of an acronym we use in computer although as far as I know the novel is nothing to do with computers, do you know which one it is?


5. I use this acronym all the time because I love the books. It sort of looks like a word and, just my computer brain here, it looks like some kind of ROM (Read Only Memory for those interested).


6. When I first saw this acronym used I thought it was an actual word, it looks like it could be. People are talking about it’s sequel COVAV, have you worked out what it is yet?


7. I haven’t read this novel but see the acronym everywhere. And I don’t blame people, that’s a pretty long title I’d definitely use the acronym too.


8. This is a very difficult acronym, it’s something to do with the two Os, they really confused me at first. It’s a popular YA mystery book, do you know what it is?


9. I’ve always used this acronym. Even before I was a blogger I somehow knew of this acronym. It’s a popular children’s series.


X. You may know this one or the authors other series, TDI. I’m often getting confused between the two when chatting to other bloggers online.

22 thoughts on “10 Book Shortenings only the Most Hardcore YA Bookworms Would Know

  1. I love your take on this week’s TTT! So much fun and I’m pretty sure that I got it all right? Is #5 supposed to be ADSOM though? Lol if it’s not then I only got the one wrong. Haha awesome post πŸ˜€


  2. Okay so I somehow immediately knew what ACSDAL was when I saw it…maybe because I loved the book. I know it’s a long title, but it’s extremely strange to see it shortened. As for the others, I know OOUISL, PJO (I use that constantly), HP, and ACATOR. Can’t say I’m able to guess the others at first glance though, so here’s for me about to look them up and realize how dumb I am when it comes to book acronym. Haha. Love your post!


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